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When we moved to Northern California about 23 years ago, we arrived in Davis and searched for a dentist that was on my CSUS and my wife’s school district dental benefits list. Someone recommended Dr. Childress. We loved him. Terrific dentist for our family of 5! A year later we moved into a home that we built in Folsom and started the process of looking for a new dentist. To make a long story short, even though there are many great dentists out there, we missed Jim Childress. In our opinion, he was one of a kind. Within months we decided to brave the Folsom/Davis ride and return to Dr. Childress for our dental needs. Besides being a “nice guy,” we appreciated his calm demeanor and attention to detail. Twenty three years later we still go to our perfectionist dentist, Dr. Childress. Ironically, two of our adult children (now in their 30’s) independently decided to stay with Dr. Childress even though one lives in Sacramento and the other and her family come to their dental appointments from the Bay Area. Bravo Dr. Jim Childress!
FB, Folsom, CA

Hi Dr. Childress! I was just thinking about you! I saw a new dentist yesterday since I didn’t like the first one I saw here. The dentist yesterday was better but wasn’t you!! The dentist yesterday said the veneers look fantastic and he had to look a few times to make sure they were actually veneers. Hope all is well with you. Tell the ladies hello for us!
Shoshana S. ~ Carlsbad, CA